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Zeng Qiong

Zeng Qiong

Zeng Qiong graduated from School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts. He is now an associate professor in the School of Architecture of Southeast University and director of Institute of Art and Design. He also is a member of Architectural Art Sub-Committee of Architecture Sub-Committee of the Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the Teaching of Architecture. He mainly teaches and researches vision art design, environmental art design and architectural photography.

His main works of environmental art design are environment design of Yifu Department Hall in Southeast University, environment design of hall of Yifu Science and Technology Hall in Southeast University, environment design of hall of classroom building, turntable design on Jiangsu Road in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. His photography works of architecture have been published in professional journals and covers at home and abroad for many times. He has published books such as The technical Pen, Selected Demonstration Works of Zeng Qiong's Architectural Painting Teaching, and has published and exhibited many fine art works.

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