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Shi Yi

Name: Shi Yi

Professional Title: associate researcher for the School of Architecture, Southeast University

E-mail: shiyi@seu.edu.cn

Research Direction: application of large data in urban planning; urban planning and design and associated theory

Shi Yi, male, is an (on-job) associate researcher with the doctor’s degree. From 2005, he studied in the Urban Planning Department of School of Architecture, Southeast University, and in 2015, funded by the National Scholarship Council, he went to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) for joint training. In 2017, he received a doctor's degree, and after graduation, he began working as a lecturer in the Urban Planning Department of School of Architecture, Southeast University.

In terms of theoretical research, doctor Shi pays attention to urban research and design methods based on big data technology, focusing on the interaction mechanism between urban space and spatial behavior. In 2016, he won the Jin Jingchang China urban planning award for excellent thesis. In 2017, he completed his doctoral dissertation Research on Urban Center System Based on Spatiotemporal Behavior -- Taking Shanghai as an example, which was recognized as the excellent doctoral dissertation of Southeast University. In recent years, he has published more than 30 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, of which 2 are included in SCI. He has led one program funded by the NSFC and participated in 1 national key special program and 4 programs funded by the NSFC. He has applied for more than 10 national invention patents and has been granted 9 invention patents.

In terms of engineering practice, in recent years, doctor Shi has participated in completion of more than 10 planning practice projects, including “Urban Design of Weihai Downtown and Comprehensive Application Planning with ‘Multiple-Plan Integration’”, “Master Urban Design for Zhengzhou”, “Study on Global Urban Form, Spatial Structure and Metropolitan Area Construction for Shanghai”, “Conservation Plan for Historic and Cultural Street Blocks in Guangzhou, Master Urban Design for China Railway Tianfu International Cultural Tourism Resort, Wuhan Urban Center System Planning and Study on Planning for Urban Spatial Form in Wuhan, and won 6 engineering design awards at and above the provincial and ministerial level.

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