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Gao Yuan

Name: Gao Yuan

Professional Title: associate professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University

E-mail: 591768802@qq.com

Research Direction: urban design, urban planning and related theory

Gao Yuan, a national registered urban planner, a member of Urban Design Committee of Urban Planning Society of China and a director of Institute of Urban Design of Architectural Society of China, is mainly engaged in the study and teaching of urban design creation and associated theories.

She has led and participated in 5 programs funded by NSFC; participated in the compilation and examination of three national professional materials, namely, Urban Design Volume of Architectural Design Data Collection, Urban Design Branch of Encyclopedia of Architecture, Terminology of National Science and Technology Urban and Rural Planning; published a monograph and participated in the compilation of two teaching materials related to urban design; published more than 30 papers in domestic core journals and won one second prize for science and technology progress issued by Ministry of Education; and has been awarded with one international invention award.

She has participated in the teaching organization and construction of multiple core courses. He has won many awards for teaching courseware selection in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, teaching competition among young teachers of Southeast University and related teaching achievements, and was honored as one of the favorite postgraduate tutors of Southeast University. In the programs and competitions including scientific research innovation program for graduate students of urban planning discipline, China's human settlements design, and the evaluation on undergraduate students’ homework by the steering committee on teaching in the major. More than 20 awards have been won and projects have been established by the students with his instructions.

As the project principal and special person in charge, he has completed several important horizontal projects, won more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial-level excellent urban and rural planning and design awards, won bids and awards in several international and domestic competitions, which effectively support the local government in decision-making and urban construction.

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