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Sun Shijie

Name: Sun Shijie

Professional Title: associate professor, postgraduate advisor and deputy dean of the School of Architecture, Southeast University

E-mail: shshj@sina.com, 101010123@seu.edu.cn

Research Direction: city renewal theory, planning and design; urban design theory and method; urban traffic space development theory, planning and design, etc.

Sun Shijie, a member of City Renewal Committee of Urban Planning Society of China, a member and director of East China of Famous City Traffic Department of Historic and Cultural City Committee of Chinese Society For Urban Studies and a director of Urban Planning Society of Jiangsu, is mainly engaged in associated theoretical study and teaching for undergraduates and graduates in urban and rural planning and design, as well as planning and design practice.

In recent years, he has led one NSFC funded program and participated in four NSFC funded programs. He has published one academic monograph, participated in the compilation of four textbooks and monographs, and published several academic papers on core journals. In 2018, as an important member of the teaching team, he won the first prize of the national teaching achievement award.

He has led and participated in nearly 50 international and domestic planning and design projects, and won 10 national, provincial or ministerial excellent planning and design awards, including 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of national excellent urban and rural planning and design award.

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