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Wang Chenghui


Name: Wang Chenghui

Professional Title: professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University

E-mail: wchcr@126.com, engui@seu.edu.cn

Research Direction: urban planning and design; housing and community planning; community renewal and community governance.

Doctor Wang Chenghui, a professor from the School of Architecture, is a national registered planner and a member of Housing and Community Planning Committee of Urban Planning Society of China. She was a visiting scholar at MIT from January 2012 to January 2013. In 2010, she was selected to complete the international training program “Housing development and design for Low-income People” of Lund University, Sweden. Between 2008-2016, she worked as the deputy director of Urban Planning Department, Southeast University.

Doctor Wang has led and participated in 5 NSFC funded programs and edited 1 local standard. She has published one book, one translated works, and more than 50 papers on core journals. She has participated in the compilation of three national textbooks for the 12th Five-year Plan Period and the 13th Five-year Plan Period (in detailed planning, urban planning and design, principles of residential building design), completed a provincial key teaching reform project, and won two second prizes of Jiangsu provincial teaching achievement award, seven national excellent teaching thesis awards, and the first prize of excellent teaching work of Southeast University. In her teaching, she pays attention to the cultivation of the students' dual thinking of Humanities and science, and guiding the students to explore the in-depth spatial logic.

Doctor Wang is committed to the study on China's residential space and community development from a multi-dimensional perspective of space, combining material space planning with improving planning action ability, proposing planning strategies, improving planning system and innovating research methods, especially focusing on the combination of research concept, empirical investigation and rational analysis. Her recent research focuses include “Residential Space of New Urban Area”, “Planning for Indemnificatory Housing”, “Space Model and Social Effect of Indemnificatory Housing”, “Community-based Aging Facilities and Planning”, “Study on Planning for Residential Historical Area”, “Standards and Planning for Urban Public Service Facilities” and “Community Renewal and Development Planning”.

As a national registered planner, doctor Wang focuses her planning practice on the study on urban characteristic pattern, urban designs at all levels, urban public facilities planning, etc., and takes an active part in exploring the planning innovation related to community development.In the fields of historical and cultural conservation, urban design, small town design, etc., she is involved in the study on the evaluation on historical and cultural resources, urban characteristic pattern, urban design guidelines, community construction, characteristic town, industrial park, etc. She has won many provincial and national planning and design awards.

Study on Spatial Pattern and Comprehensive Effect of Large Indemnificatory Housing (51208091)/youth program funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China/Jan. 2013~Dec. 2015

Optimization of Planning System of Residential Historical Area Based on Community Research and Participation (51778125)/a general program funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China/Jan. 2018~Dec. 2021

Monograph: Wang Chenghui. Research on Residential Space Planning of New Urban Area in Transformation Context [M]. Nanjing: Southeast University Press. Feb. 2011

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