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Prof. Gu Daqing Formally Hired as Full-time Professor at the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School of SEU

Prof. Gu Daqing Formally Hired as Full-time Professor at the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School of SEU

At 10a.m. on March 22, 2019, in the Conference Room 113 of SEU-ARCH, Prof. Gu Daqing was officially hired as full-time professor of the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School of Southeast University. Prof. Wang Jingquan (SEU Department Chief of Human Resource), Prof. Han Dongqing (Dean of SEU-ARCH), Prof. Leng Jiawei (Secretary of the CPC at SEU-ARCH), Prof. Ge Ming (Vice Dean of SEU-ARCH), Prof. Bao Li (Vice Dean of SEU-ARCH), Prof. Zhu Lei (Director of the Department of Architecture), faculty representative Prof. Shan Yong, some teachers, secretary of human resource and international affairs, etc. attended the signing ceremony. Prof. Han Dongqing hosted the ceremony and delivered the welcome speech. Prof. Leng Jiawei introduced the teaching experience and academic achievements of Prof. Gu Daqing. Then Department Chief Wang Jingquan expressed warm welcome to Prof. Gu Daqing and presented him with the Letter of Appointment on behalf of SEU. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Gu Daqing extended gratitude to SEU, his Alma Mater, and expected to achieve substantial breakthroughs in the field of architectural education as well as international teaching for SEU-ARCH in his future research.




Prof. Gu Daqing has maintained a long-term academic exchange relation with SEU-ARCH. He often visits the school to delivered open lectures, attend domestic and international conferences 10 times over, guide design theory teaching activities and develop relevant teaching plans. From 2005 to 2007, he was invited to promote the teaching reform process of the second-year undergraduate architectural design courses. Since 2007, he guided the teaching activities of SEU-ARCH postgraduate architectural design theory courses and presided over making new teaching plans for the first-grade basic design courses. Since 2017, he teaches the course Advanced Series of Famous Architects Theories for SEU-ARCH postgraduates. Prof. Gu Daqing has trained nearly 20 young talented visiting teachers for SEU-ARCH at CUHK since 2000. He also introduced many famous international scholars to our school, which has expanded the international influence of SEU-ARCH.


ntment as full-time professor is an important measure to strengthen the construction of high-end talent introduction for the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School of Southeast University and expand the international influence of SEU's architecture discipline. As a globally-renowned scholar of architectural education, Prof. Gu Daqing's teaching experience and research results will further promote SEU-ARCH's internationalization of higher education.


Prof. Gu Daqing is an internationally renowned architect, educator and design method research expert, professor at the School of Architecture of CUHK. His main research areas are architectural design theory and methods, architectural education and modern Chinese architecture.Prof. Gu Daqing graduated from the Nanjing Institute of Technology (SEU) with bachelor's degree in 1982 and master's degree in 1985. In 1994, he received his Ph.D. from ETH Zrich. He had professional experience as an assistant at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zürich, and as a professor at the School of Architecture of CUHK since 1994.Prof. Gu Daqing published several books, such as Design and Visual Perception, Introduction to Architectural Design, Space, Tectonics and Design, and more than 60 journal papers. He received fund projects from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council many times. His research has gained a wide international reputation and contributed actively to the promotion of the contemporary architecture teaching reform and development.

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