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Dr. Liu Jie is the associated Professor of School of Architecture in Southeast University located in Nanjing, China. He has focused on the study on the urban design, the traditional district renovation and the culture architectural design. 

Dr. Liu Jie graduated from the architectural department of Nanjing Institute of Technology in 1987 and received his Doctorate in Engineering in 2003 from Tongji University in Shanghai. 

As a scholar in the field of architecture and urban design, Dr. Liu has published 1 monographs and some papers on academic journals and conferences. He has been involved in a series of research and real projects concerning architectural design and urban design, meanwhile receiving a number of prizes and honors from the practices, including the Award for Architecture Design by the China Educational Ministry in 2013, the Award for Architecture Design by the Jiangsu Architecture and Engineering Association in 2015 and 2017.

Contact information:
School of Architecture, Southeast University
#2 Si Pai Lou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210096
Cell: (86)13814089215
Email: 101010513@seu.edu.cn,532253978@qq.com

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