国际在线教学季 Advanced Courses丨建筑设计理论前沿预告


课程名称 Course Name


Advanced Theory of Architectural Design

主讲人 Lecturer

Prof. David Leatherbarrow

主持人 Coordinator

史永高教授  Prof. Yonggao Shi

课程主题 Course Topic


Studies in the History of Architectural Theory and Design


本课程面向将要走上建筑学术或实践之路的学生,旨在向他们重新先容西方建筑传统 中的重要主题与相关文献。在这些主题和文献以外,本课程也将致力于增进学生们对建筑学术活动——尤其是那种与设计实践紧密关联的学术研究——的了解,它的典型性实践方式,以及学术探究的形式和方法。

The purpose of this course is to provide to students who are embarking on careers that may involve both scholarship and professional practice in architecture a re-introduction to some of the principal issues and writings of the Western tradition.  In addition to introducing themes and texts, this course aims to increase and ease the student’s familiarity with the practices that are typical of scholarship, the forms and habits of scholarly inquiry, particularly when that scholarship seeks interconnections with design practice. 

The course is two-part: 1) close reading of the writings of author-architects in the history of Western architectural theory from antiquity to the 20th century, though structured in reverse chronological order, and 2) an introductory study of some of the key topics that the writings of author architects typically address, as they have been set forth in different kinds of texts: architectural, art historical, and philosophical.

Each session will be divided into two parts: 1) a power-point lecture by the professor, and 2) a discussion between the professor and students/colleagues addressing the historical and theoretical topics of the lecture and the suggested readings. 









A number of key questions will be addressed in each presentation:

1the questions that motivated the primary text,

2its intended readership,

3its primary arguments,

4the ways those arguments were structured and illustrated,

5how built works manifested the ideas in the text,

6similar studies in its time,

7and the primary issues in the historical and cultural context.

Course Lectures

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