FoARFrontiers of Architectural Research—2020年第1期内容概要

 Frontiers of Architectural Research(建筑学研究前沿,FoAR)是由www.462.net和高等教育出版社联合主办的全英文学术期刊,已被AHCI收录FoAR 2012年创刊,季刊(一年四期),在Elsevier平台上发行,开放获取(Open Access),免费下载。期刊论文涉及领域包括建筑设计与理论、建筑技术科学、城市规划与设计、风景园林、遗产保护等,覆盖建筑学、城乡规划和风景园林三个一级学科。本刊优先发表采用严格科学方法和前沿技术进行研究的学术论文,同时也欢迎探讨建筑社会属性的高水平文章。对所有论文将严格进行同行评议并只接受英文投稿


Frontiers of Architectural Research(建筑学研究前沿,FoAR

Volume 9/ Issue 1/ March 2020 (Pages 1 - 248)



Heritage attributes of post-war housing in Amsterdam

Lisanne Havinga , Bernard Colenbrander , Henk Schellen

20 Neighborhood spaces in residential environments: Lessons for contemporary Indian context

Ritu Gulati

34 Evaluating the impact of mass housings' in-between spaces' spatial configuration on users' social interaction

Wiem Zerouati , Tahar Bellal

54 Comparative analysis of habitation behavioral patterns in spatial configuration of traditional houses in Anhui, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces of China

Jie Ding , Shanshan Ma

67 Parametric modeling simulation for an origami shaped canopy

Caio D.C. Lucarelli , Joyce C. Carlo

82 Bridging the gap between research and schematic design phases in teaching architectural graduation projects

Eman S. AboWardah

106 Users as co-designers: Visual – spatial experiences at Whitworth Art Gallery

Ahlam Ammar Sharif

119 Nexus between creative industries and the built environment: Creative placemaking in inner Auckland

Lydia Kiroff

138 Emotional evaluation of architectural interior forms based on personality differences using virtual reality

Maryam Banaei , Ali Ahmadi , Klaus Gramann , Javad Hatami

148 Reinventing the wheel: A tool for design quality evaluation in architecture

Buthayna Eilouti

169 Urban agriculture in Kathmandu as a catalyst for the civic inclusion of migrants and the making of a greener city

Maurice Mitchell , Amara Roca Iglesias

191 Blue – green architecture: A case study analysis considering the synergetic effects of water and vegetation

Friederike Well , Ferdinand Ludwig

203 Micromorphological description of vernacular cob process and comparison with rammed earth

Erwan Hamard , Cécilia Cammas , Blandine Lemercier , Bogdan Cazacliu ,

Jean-Claude Morel

216 Applying design science approach to architectural design development

Rania Aburamadan , Claudia Trillo

236 Exploring the influence of the built environment on human experience through a neuroscience approach: A systematic review

Tulay Karakas , Dilek Yildiz


Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

Client: Yangzhou Yuanbo Investment Development Co., Ltd

Architects: WANG Jianguo, GE Ming, XU Jing, ZHU Lei, YAO Xinyue, CHENG Shi, WANG Junmei, FANG Haoyu, WU Changliang.

Profile: Drawing on the cultural images of the local landscape architecture and gardens, the main pavilion expresses the beauty of the large opening and closing pattern of Yangzhou traditional suburban gardens with the image of landscape-emerging. Modern wooden structure technology is used in the main exhibition hall. The main components are manufactured by factories and assembled on site. It is not only a green construction, which meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also effectively improves the construction efficiency.








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