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Design for Climate Change



Climate change is having an unprecedented global impact, changing weather patterns are threatening food production andrising sea levels are increasing the risk of catastrophic flooding. In the field of urban planning and design, it is necessary to explore ways for cities to deal with the threat of climate disasters, and to seek prototypes for urban and environmental harmony.

 2030年和2050年作为设计需要考虑的两个时间节点。实际上,2030年马上就要到来,为此需要花10年时间尝试各种可行的设计,来应对届时预测的气候变化所带来的影响。同样,为了抵御2050年时气候变化带来的威胁,可行的设计同样需要即刻开始。全球性的经验表明,为了应对气候问题可能需要花费30年的时间来落实相应的解决措施,比如荷兰的三角洲工程(Delta Works)或伦敦的泰晤士河的堤岸工程(the Thames Barrier)。

2030 and 2050 will be taken as reference dates. 2030 is effectively right-away, because it will take 10 years to introduce any meaningful designs to deal with the predicted effects of climate change that could be taking place by then. Meaningful designs to protect against the negative effects of climate change in 2050 would need to start nowas well, as the worldwide experience has been that it can take 30 years to put protections in place like the Delta Works in the Netherlands, or the Thames Barrier in London.




Jonathan Barnett

乔纳森·巴内特(Jonathan Barnett)是现代城市设计实践的先驱者之一,该学科牢固地立足于当前的政治,社会和经济现实。他先后在纽约城市学院和宾夕法尼亚大学担任城市设计研究生课程的主任,作为其他许多大学的客座教授、评论家或讲师,巴内特帮助教育了超过一代城市设计师。纽约市首次成立城市设计相关机构时,他曾在市长约翰·林赛(John Lindsay)的改革行政部门工作。他创新性地在纽约实践中将城市设计作为公共政策,这对将城市设计确立为地方政府的必要组成部分以及使城市设计成为公认的职业具有重大影响。乔纳森·巴内特撰写许多有关城市设计的著作和文章。在他的最新著作《城市设计:现代主义、传统、绿色和系统的观点》中,巴内特探讨了四种最重要的城市设计方法的历史和当前实践,并提出了借鉴这四种方法的第五种方法。

 Jonathan Barnett is one of the pioneers of the modern practice of city design, a discipline firmly grounded in current political, social and economic realities.As the director of the graduate urban design program at the University of Pennsylvania, before that as the director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design at the City College of New York, and as a visiting professor, critic or lecturer at many other universities, Jonathan Barnett has helped educate more than a generation of city designers.He worked in the reform administration of Mayor John Lindsay when New York City first had an institutional commitment to city design. His account of innovations created in New York, Urban Design as Public Policy, was a strong influence in establishing urban design as a necessary element of local government and in making city design a well-recognized profession.

Jonathan Barnett has written many books, book chapters, and articles about city design. In his most recent book, City Design: Modernist, Traditional,Green, and Systems Perspectives, Barnett explores the history and current practice of the four most important ways of designing cities,and suggests a fifth way which draws on all four approaches.


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