• 嘉民集团是澳大利亚最大的工业房地产投资信托企业之一,也是全球最大的工业地产基金管理人之一。全球在17个国家有29个办事处,拥有客户1600+,资产管理总值高达300.2亿美金。全国三个办事处正在招管培生,培训期为12~24个月,旨在将高潜力的毕业生培养成嘉民中国的中高层管理者。培训期之后会有一次review,通过后即有机会晋升。上海/北京地区培训期间的薪资约10k,培训期也计入企业服务年份,服务3年起可获企业股票分红。

  • 目前在上海地区招工程管理管培生1人,资产管理管培生1人,北京地区招商管理管培生1人。

Key Responsibilities:

Accompany mentor to conduct site inspection as needed

Assist administration work of project acquisition, prepare supporting documents as required

Assist in coordination with internal departments for requirements

Track and maintain data for the project/ leasing database

Assist in the preparation of reports and financial statistics to management

Assist in the preparation of internal presentations Research information where on the market, customers and peers

Any other duties assigned by your supervisor and other managers


+ Good written and verbal communication, in English and Chinese;

+ Independence and detail-oriented;

+ Good communication and cooperation skills and capable to work in a multicultural / multinational environment; and

+ Dynamic, self-motivated and a team player with a strong sense of responsibility.


有意向可联系: mirandadu@element-resources.com

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