XIA Bing

Dr. Xia Bing is the Associate Professor of School of Architecture in Southeast University, Class1 Registered Architect(PRC). He graduated from the architectural department of Southeast University in 2001 and received his Doctorate in Engineering from Southeast University in 2011.

He mainly researches in the basic teaching method of architectural design and has been the tutor for the courses of Grade2,3&5 after he started his teaching career from 2001.His research topics are “Urban and Architectural Design around Traffic Hub”, “Sustainable Public Architecture Design” and “Basic Teaching Method of Architectural Undergraduate Course”

Dr. Xia got many articles published on core journals and academic conferences along with more than 30 design projects completed.

Contact information:
School of Architecture, Southeast University
#2 Si Pai Lou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210096
Tel: 15851815828
Email: summice@163.com

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